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How To recognizing your car insurance

Car insurance Recognizing
How To Recognizing Your Car Insurance? - When we think about insurance, the first thought is free from financial losses due to unexpected accidents came from.

Since the purpose of insurance is basically to reduce the uncertainty of the possibility of unexpected losses.

In general, insurance is defined as an agreement where a person makes a bond with an insured to receive a premium to provide reimbursement to him for any loss, damage, or loss which may be experienced due to unforeseen events.

Life is always fraught with risk. Because, you never know what will happen to us before the event. There are those who slipped in the bathroom and eventually had to be hospitalized for some time.

Some are suddenly left the family due to accidents. Not to mention the lifestyle that triggers the risk of health problems. Critical illness such as heart attack or stroke are now as familiar to our ears.

Luckily this time there is insurance. Because, with insurance, there are many things that can be prepared early. Start from the cost of coverage during illness, to the children's education.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who think insurance is less important. In fact, judging from its benefits, insurance can provide a range of certainty in uncertain times that may befall one of our family.
see : benefits and purpose car insurance.


Kind and type of insurance is basically insurance for disciplining those who would suffer small losses, and at the same time be aware of the uncertain losses. World in which insurance is also known to sell two types of products, namely Life and Casualty Insurance.

For vehicle insurance is included in the type of insurance Lost. insurers generally offer two types of vehicle insurance in terms of protection or protection conditions, namely:

A. Comprehensive (All Risk) That is to ensure the risk of loss or damage to vehicles, either in part or in whole, including here the replacement third party (the victim) are affected.

2. Total Lost Only (TLO) That ensures protection against the risk of a vehicle if the loss or damage costs equal or exceed 75% of the price of the vehicle and insurance for lost or stolen cars.

The amount of premium for both types of vehicle insurance is certainly different. Given the magnitude of risk the possibility of a case of a vehicle is also not the same.

Comprehensive insurance type (All Risk) bear the risk of loss as a whole, whether the vehicle is lost due to theft or loss as small as a broken mirror because terserempet another car. That's what makes premiums more expensive.

While the type of insurance Total Loss Only (TLO) is cheaper premiums, knowing the minimum loss. So the damage that causes the loss of a few (less than 75% of the price of the vehicle) is not covered by insurance.

The comparison of premiums could double or more. Suppose that in a large insurance company premiums TLO was 1.25% of the value of the vehicle, the greater the premium All Risk could reach 3% of the value of the vehicle.

Choose the Right Insurance Company

Development of vehicle insurance in the world from year to year it fluctuates. For example, before a riot or disaster some time ago, the business of insurance or a glance not much can be said is quiet-quiet.

As soon as the rainy season comes which makes a big flood in some areas of the world, a lot of vehicles that need serious improvement, because the submerged and the water washed away. Or, when there were riots in the election.

Not a few heavily damaged vehicle can not be returned to its original, because the whole body charred burnt. Can be estimated how many losses to be borne by the owner of the vehicle, because it does not take insurance.

Perhaps because of such events affect people's views will ultimately use vehicle insurance.

Since then people began to think again of the need to issue vehicle insurance. Because of the high market demand for insurance services, it is captured by the owners of capital as a profitable business opportunities.

Therefore, many emerging companies new car insurance. Until now there are so many car insurance companies in the world.

Of course not all good quality services. This makes the competition among the insurance companies themselves are becoming increasingly stringent. During the competition is healthy and increasing the quality of services to consumers, the better.

For example, fast claims processing services, emergency road assistance 24 hours a day, third-party compensation (the victim) to a certain amount, and so forth.

The problem now is a concern that starting a war premium rates that are less healthy and more illogical between them. While the service is very poor and disappointing his claim.

For that prior to submitting an application, we should choose an insurance company which is a public, transparent and reliable. Health insurance companies, always report its financial results on a periodic basis.

By knowing the financial statements, we can know that certain insurers in insolvent condition (hard to fulfill its obligations) or profitable (profitable).

That way, we believe, that the premiums we pay at a certain period was not in vain. From time to time consumers have to make a claim, the insurer will meet its commitments. So be careful and do not be swayed by the insurers that offer lower premiums only.

Applying for Insurance

Apply for insurance protection is not difficult, the important thing is to determine the choice of insurance companies that really reliable.

Come directly to the companies we choose to fill out and study the contents of the agreement well before ditandatangani.Tentukan type of mortgage where you want to bear the risk by insurance companies (TLO or All Risk).

Also adjust the risk of our vehicles, especially regarding the nature of the use of vehicle, year of manufacture, as well as the types of additional dependents.

Of applications that the company will conduct a survey vehicle concerned (condition and feasibility). Insurers will consider his willingness to be a person in the filing of our application.

Sometimes it can also not an agreement. For example, because the vehicle is insured as a dependent unknown in other companies. Or vehicles older than 5 years from the time of filing.

But it could also depend on the amount of premium that we sanggupi.Yang sure it is listed in the application of any consent agreement that the guidelines for the insurer (the insurer) and insured (vehicle owner).

So that in the event of a claim, there are already clear rules for both parties.

Never Too Late Filing Claims

It is important to be aware of as a participant or a holder of an insurance policy.

If at any time such unfortunate traffic accident or theft, you should immediately contact the insurance company underwriter of our vehicles and to report to the nearest police station.

No less important is the care of the paperwork requirements of the insurance claim. If it can not be done alone because to go into hospital, can give a power of attorney to someone else.

This is important because the prerequisite of making an insurance claim is a statement from police accident or description of hospital treatment (if any victims). In a period of less than 324 hours since the incident, we must claim.

After over 324 hours of insurance companies are not serving anymore. Why have 324 hours?, Because padajangka tersebutmerupakan time the terms and agreement among all insurance companies.

This is to avoid any misunderstanding, considering the number of external factors on moving objects in public places such as vehicles.

The benefits and purpose of car insurance

Car Insurance
The benefits and purpose of car insurance - What is Insurance? The short explanation is one way to cope with risks by transferring a risk to other parties in this case the insurance company.

In other words, the insurance coverage is a transaction involving the insured and the insurer where the insurer (insurance company) will ensure the insured that he would get the dressing against any loss which may be suffered as a result of the possible occurrence of an event that does not know when the occur and cause loss insured.

Choosing the Right Car Insurance - As kontra prestation the insured is required to pay a premium which is very small compared to potential losses that may be suffered to the insurer (insurance services).

The transfer is by no means eliminates the risk of loss but the ease of the possibility of large losses in the form of the insurance company to provide financial security insured.

Many types of insurance call it the most commonly used one is life insurance (life insurance), insurance (health insurance), insurance (home insurance), insurance (vehicle insurance).

And many insurance companies that mempuyai great achievements in terms of customer service and ease of sample facilities that are currently widely discussed is the Car Insurance.

Along with advances in modern technology, the lifestyle is increasing and more people need insurance services.

And that is now being done is by insuring your home or vehicle at the insurer.

This is a form of action to save the treasures of the things that will harm the result of an unexpected event. As a result of investment property are now a lot of choice of people who have excess assets.

The purpose of the insurance There viewed from several angles, including:

From an economic point of insurance aimed at reducing the uncertainty of the results of the work done by the company or person to achieve the goal by way of transfer risk to another party, and others combine a number of risks that can be predicted the possibility of such damages.

In terms of the marketing aims to share the risk faced by all members of the insurance by transferring risk to financial institutions in this regard is that insurance companies would share the burden of risk to all members who handled insurance.

In terms of a law aimed at moving the risks that might happen to an object or business to another party by paying premiums to the insurer the risk (insurance) for the transfer of risk to the insurer in an indemnity contract.

Slightly above explanation of Insurance (Insurance) This may increase our knowle

Choosing The Right Car Insurance

Car Insurance
How To Choose Right Car Insurance - Although the level of congestion in the streets in major cities in the world is very annoying, but the purchase of a car, either new or used does not recede.

In buying a car, there is one important factor worth considering, namely choosing car insurance. This could to avoid us from the loss of the calamity that could happen, for example stolen rearview mirror, scratched cars, collision, theft or robbery.

There are several things that can be taken into consideration in choosing car insurance. Here are important tips in choosing car insurance.

Make sure that you choose the auto insurance company that is credible. As far as possible that have received the title / certificate as Best General Insurance, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award and the Indonesian Best Brand Award.

Information about auto insurance companies can be obtained from the news media and from the experience of friends or loved ones who had any contact or use the services of the insurance company.

Study it carefully, carefully and thoroughly about what kind of car insurance will be selected and what will be on the cover. Does insurance type as a whole (All Risk) or TLO. It is also important to ask if there is expansion of insurance coverage or other protection such as flood, accident and civil-rah.

Important also asked about a given period of insurance, especially for cars purchased on credit.
The following tips are made capital is important to choose a car insurance claim process to ensure an easy, simple and straightforward.

Notice if the car insurance company has a service network of representative and widely scattered. Involves checking whether the company has a call center is ready to serve without knowing the time and holidays.

Make sure also, the car insurance companies claim to have a flexible survey services such as service to your home or office.

In choosing car insurance, it helps us see the workshop network partner insurance companies. For example, how many partners the number of workshops, which are located, and how the quality of these workshops. We must ensure the guarantee of genuine spare parts and repair shop guarantees its work.

Another consideration is the car insurance company should (should) have a free emergency service, such as free towing 24 hours, which is needed if we had an accident, strike, a flat tire and others on the road.

Last but not least, important tips in choosing a car insurance is the payment.

Do car insurance companies we choose to provide flexibility in payments and easy payment system, such as through ATMs, credit cards, or installment system.

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The Sequel Ferrari Enzo

The Sequel Ferrari Enzo - ferrari is preparing to display the Ferrari Enzo supercar replacement. The new Ferrari models that would later become the most powerful and most rapidly it will be shown to prospective buyers on a limited basis in late 2012, says Ferrari boss Luca Cordero di Montezemolo.

"We want to surprise people, both in price and the car itself," said Montezemolo told Automotive News Europe on the sidelines of the Geneva auto show, the Swiss recently.

Ferrari has not decided when New limited-edition Ferrari Enzo was launched. Ferrari spokesman said the most likely replacement for the Ferrari Enzo was present at the Detroit auto show in January 2013 or the Geneva auto show in March 2013.

The latest model is not going to use the name of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari since the Enzo is a limited model.

Enzo Ferrari said the replacement would be the model of Ferrari's fastest and most powerful ever, surpassing the record Berlinetta Ferrari F12 with 740 hp that debuted in Geneva exhibition. Berlinetta can ngacir from 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds.

"F12 Berlinetta can produce 740 hp, while Formula One racing car produced 740 hp and 750 hp," said Montezemolo. "So we offer a model of F1 on the road."

Substitute Enzo has a carbon fiber body and V-12 engine. Ferrari has not decided how many units will be produced. Ferrari Enzo Ferrari to produce as many as 399 units from 2002-2011 and predecessor Enzo, Ferrari F50 as many as 349 from 1995-2001.

Ferrari sold 7195 units in 2011.

Ferrari Launch Hybrid Version Car

Ferrari Hybrid Car - Ferrari take into account more aspects of the environment and is currently developing a hybrid engine. Super sports car brand from Italy is currently developing a hybrid system for its V12 engine, was quoted as saying greencarreport.

Konvigurasi V12 engine is a hallmark of Ferrari. Some worry that the machine has become an icon that Ferrari would have been affected by regulatory matter emission limits. V12 engine known as 'thirsty' fuel but has a 'soul' Ferrari, the Ferrari is just a start time of a race car on the circuit until the current models like the FF series and F12.

Ferrari begin to develop a hybrid system for the V12 engine. Hybrid concept but it is even increasing energy-efficient fuel-efficient and low emissions.

"I can not answer the question of when a hybrid is in the Ferrari, I said maybe the technology will exist in the Ferrari. Already there are plans that fit with our products in the future. If we had started, then it will be a hybrid standard and not optional," Ferrari boss says, Amadeo Felisa.

Ferrari's first production hybrid could be on the Enzo replacement model. Ferrari also reportedly is considering the use of the V6 engine to reduce emissions. Formula 1 racing is likely to require V6 engine, so it's a step in line with Ferrari. Recent Ferrari models with V6 engines are Dino 246GT that was last produced in 1974.

Felisa proposed use of the V6 engine in the Ferrari may not have been done in the near future, but he also calls around the world, including in the U.S., people are increasingly accepting the concept of the engine with fewer cylinders, for example, less than eight cylinders.

BMW 1.3 million cars will be drawn from all over the world

BMW Car Logo

BMW - The largest premium car maker BMW AG in the world attracts about 1.3 million cars worldwide to fix because of possible problems with the battery cables in the trunk protector, BMW said on Monday.

The withdrawal was carried out to BMW series 5 - and 6 - was created in 2003 through 2010, BMW said in a statement. "In some cases, protective kaberl experienced any battery in the trunk of the tide," said BMW.

"This can result in electrical system malfunctions, the car will not start and, in some cases, can cause overheating and fire," the company said.

BMW to date not received reports of accidents or injuries caused due to battery cable protector. So far there are no reports about the fire, said a spokesman for BMW.

BMW said that they had written letters to car owners. Procedures authorized BMW repair shop and it will take 30 minutes to an hour and at no charge, said the German company.

In the United States, the number of cars that pulled the whole numbering about 368 000, Germany 293 000. 109 000 while the car was withdrawn from the UK and around 102.00 in China. In some European countries, also known as the baggage car boots.

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Suzuki Crossover SX4 2012

Leading car manufacturers from Japan, Suzuki, again showed that they did not play - play in capturing the mini MPV segment car market. After the success of the Suzuki Swift Suzuki SX4 Crossover is now present. The new generation of Suzuki Crossover is performed with the changes and additional features supporting the making of this variant respected its competitors in its class.

Some notable changes include front and rear bumper and grill that uses honeycomb model as well as wheels that use a five-spoke motif. As for the interior of the Suzuki SX4 Crossover is now equipped bass speaker in the dashboard, steering wheel audio button on the lighting. Also more information on the combination meter equipped with fuel consumption.

Suzuki SX4 Crossover for security are now equipped with Dual SRS Airbags, ABS + ABD + and BA which guarantees kepakeman during braking. Lights are now using high-intensity discharge (HID) or more commonly known as Xenon is capable of removing the accompanied the white light brighter than halogen but not to dazzle the driver in front of. That's because it turns the spotlight position height adjust to the height of the car and load cargo in it.

To spur the kitchen affairs, in general Suzuki SX4 Crossover is still using the same power source as its predecessor with the performance so be sure Suzuki SX4 Crossover is the same as its predecessor which is known for its toughness and comfort. Transmission of any matters which still provides two options 5 and 4 Manual Transmission Automatic Transmission.

Suzuki SX4 Crossover for this variant, Suzuki in collaboration with the Italian car manufacturer Fiat, Italdesign took issues with the design, Designer agency which has been famous for its elegant design cars like Lamborghini and Maserati Coupe. As for the choice of color, Suzuki SX4 Crossover still look attractive with 8 color options, namely: Diamond Blue, Sunlight Cooper, Radiant Red Pearl, Purplis Silver Metallic, Cool Black Metallic, Graphite Grey Metallic, Silky Silver Metallic, and Pearl White.

Suzuki SX4 Crossover Tech Spechs

Length                    162.8 in.
Width                       69.1 in.
Height                       63.2 in.
Wheelbase                98.4 in.
Seating Capacity            5 persons
Fuel Tank Capacity   13.2 gallons
Fuel Economy              22 mpg city / 30 mpg highway
Engine Size and Type   2.0 Liter DOHC 4 Cylinder
Max Horsepower        150 HP @ 6200 RPM
Max Torque                140 lbs./ft. @ 4000 RPM
Transmission                   6 speed manual or CVT Automatic
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 3891 lbs.

Riview Suzuki SX4 Crossover 


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